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07 August 2011 @ 03:01 pm
Teh Big Slash meme
Read and/or write?Both. Though it's 99% read, 1% write these days.
Since when?Reading since ~2002, wrote my first fic in 2006.
How did you stumble into slash?By reading BtVS fanfic with a Xander/Spike sidepairing.
Your first fandom and pairing:BtvS, Xander/Spike and Angel/Spike
The first person you told about your new hobby:my best friend. years and years later. roundabout 2009 i think.
The fandoms you read:(Distant-)Past fandoms include BtVS, AtS, Charmed, Dawsons Creek, Higher Ground, Gilmore Girls, etc.; Not-So-Distant-Past include: CSI, NCIS, Torchwood, Twilight, Leverage, Latter Days, Queer as Folk, Doctor Who, etc.; Current Fandom: Adam Lambert (Kradam, Adommy, Sauli/Adam)
The fandoms you write:CSI:Miami, CSI, Adam Lambert,
Your favourite pairings:Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones,
Favourite genres:hurt/comfort, apocaplypse-type AU's, zombie-fic
Least favourite pairings:Adam Lambert / Danny Gokey (quick, someone pass me the brain bleach)
Least favourite genres:hmmm... i'll give everything a try
What makes a story good?research, spellcheck, enthusiasm
What makes a story bad?bad grammar, clearly un-betaed,
The best author:hmmm... a tie between bluesoaring and bethmccombs
Why?bluesoaring has a ridiculously unique style of writing that i really love. and whenever she posts i'm like: oh hello there new kink i didn't know i had.
The best story you've ever read:that good night by my_silent_hour
The worst author:/
The worst story you've ever read:/
The best story you have written:my 'sensory deprivation gang bang' titled 'On The Edge' (Kradam, NC17)
The worst story you have written:hmmm I tried my hand at het when i first started writing... I guess i just keep to slash. It's better for all involved :-)
Do you leave feedback?rarely
Do you get feedback?in the extremely rare case that i post something, yes
Do you have a favorite kink?breath-play, edging, bdsm
Does something squick you?scat, watersports
Is slash simply sex?no
Is slash a way of life?yes. definitely
How much time do you spend reading/writing?way too much :-)
Do you have RL friends who slash?yes
Have you made online friends through slash?yes
Do you think slash is just a phase?no. it's a way of life.
Could you simply stop slashing?no
What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13if the plot is interesting, why not...
Ratings R to NC-17yes. gimme.
AUsyes please
Crackficsnja... if it's written well I'll probably give it a try
Pornoh yes please sir
Angstthe more heart breaking the better
Mushyes. but no purple prose please.
Romancewarms my heart
BDSMoh goodness yes. gimme. my fav.
Darkficslove them
Deathficsoh yes please, the more it hurts the better
Non consensual/rapeyes. I'm sick that way...
Rape recoveryif done right... please no 'healing cock'
FPSwell duh...
RPSdepends on the person... my current fav fandom is the epitome of RPS...
RPGnope, never my thing
First timesyes please
Established relationshipsi love domestic bliss :-) gimme
Threesomeshell yes. threesomes, foursomes, orgys, gangbangs... gimme
m/m slashmy drug of choice
femmeslashnope, no thanks
Slashing a children's book/movie... if the characters are over the age of consent, why not...
Chanslash nope
Explicit sexyes please.
The importance of charactarizationvery very important... i read fic for the character... if they're OOC I could spend my time better by reading original fiction...
OOCnesssee above
Clichestry to avoid them
Supernaturalyes please
MPREGin a supernatural setting or a very well 'researched and explained' AU
Genderfucknope, no thanks... i like my men the way they are.
Crossoversyes please
Group Slut Ficshello there fav kink
Incestdepends... mostly yes
Het pairings in a slash ficok as a side-pairing but please don't focus on them too much
Plotvery important, except when it isn't
PWPscan be very entertaining
WIPsugh, the bane of my existance... i try to avoid them but they keep sucking me in....
LJ fics and communitiesmy life
Mailing listsnope
Big Name Fansmake me flail like a flaily thing
Politics in a slash storyif part of the plot, okay
Religion in a slash storyif treated well and not as a 'this is my faith, convert!' type of thing
Wake up Gaywell... I'm thinking no
And finally....
Your pet peeve:'That's not the word you were looking for, damnit.'
Your advice to new slashers:RESEARCH
Your slash wish list:more sub!Adam please. pretty please. with naked Kris on top.
The best slash archive:Archive of our Own
The worst slash arcive:/

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